Is Sparkling Mineral Water Good for You?


Sparkling mineral water is good for you. This is because it performs the same functions as water does including hydrating the body but the only difference is that it has been carbonated and as such it contains salts.
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Generations have consumed or bathed in mineral waters, claiming benefits from water that has filtered down through layers of stone and shale that are called "aquifers" Aquifers
It doesn't - the 'sparkle' is carbon dioxide gas injected into the drink under pressure.
Mineral water isn't necessarily carbonated, in which case it wouldn't be called sparkling water. Sparkling water could be tap water that's artificially carbonated and therefore is
Drinking sparkling water can reduce a woman's risk of
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Mineral water normally contains a high content of magnesium sulfate, calcium carbonate, sodium sulfate, and potassium. Since we all need these minerals the water is good for you.
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