Is Sperm Healthy for Women to Swallow?


By sperm, one would assume you speak of semen, what comes out of a man when he has an orgasm. And no, neither semen nor sperm are harmful for anyone to swallow unless the man it came from has any sort of sexually transmitted diseases or infections.
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That's the natural finish for oral sex.
My husband always wants me to swallow it because he says it great protein but I can not stand the smell or the taste of it. It's all up to you. It really well not hurt you in anyway
Studies shows that swallowing sperm is correlated with a diminished occurrence of
Nothing happens if women swallows mens sperms. This is very much common in those women who likes to take men penis in her mouth and men make the final act of ejaculating in her mouth
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It's not unhealthy as long as your partner doesn't have a disease. I know a lot of people that say that it is good for their skin. I wouldn't try it with just ...
You cannot get sick from swallowing sperm provided that the man is healthy. In fact, it might be good for you because semen is a highly concentrated source of ...
A deficiency in zinc has been linked to fertility problems in men and women. Zinc is essential for the healthy production of sperm, DNA, estrogen and progesterone ...
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