Is Spitting on Someone Assault?


Yes, legally, spitting on someone would be considered assault. And you have the right to defend yourself from any assault so if you spit on someone they could fight back.
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1. Determine what to seek from the assailant. If you want an apology, no lawsuit or even criminal case can compel that result. If you want to receive compensation for your pain and
Because it is a physical attack, albeit not one that causes physical pain. Anyone who does it has no sense of how the world should be.
yes, if the moment is heated it can be declared an assault, no different then if you pick up a rock, throw it, and hit someone with it. It can also be classified in todays day and
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If you have a heated moment and spit at someone, it without a doubt can be considered an assault. Spitting is still considered an attack on someone; the person ...
Spitting on someone intentionally is considered an assault. Any unwanted physical act against someone is an assualt. If you toss a feather at someone, it can be ...
Spitting on another person is illegal and, in many areas, is considered to be assault. If the victim feels in fear of his or her life, they may be justified in ...
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