Is Square Footage Measured from the inside of the House or the outside of the House?


According to my contractor determining the square footage of a house depends on what the calculation is being used for. To determine the amount of space the house occupies the square footage is measured on the outside of the home. To determine actual living area the inside of the house is measured.
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Knowing how to measure house square footage is crucial for any potential homebuyers. Whether the home is being constructed for a set price per square foot or a home buyer is seeking
1. Draw a diagram of your house's outline. 2. Measure the length of all the exterior walls in the house and round to the nearest inch. The exterior walls will give you the most accurate
Use a measuring tape, then apply 3rd grade level multiplication skills. Same way you would find the square footage for ANYTHING.
Square footage is the same as area. For a square or rectangle, it's length times width, but it varies by shape!
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The color to be painted on the outside of the house depends on a lot of things. If its an old house, one can repaint the colours that had been used on it before. ...
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