Is stamp duty payable on a transfer of equity?


Yes stamp duty now known as Stamp Duty Land Tax will be payable on the value of the share transferred of Equity. A fine of up to £200 can be imposed on failure to pay within the month or failure to do so.
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1.5% of the face value of share scrips and .01% for sripless shares
Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) applies to most land and property transactions on or after 1 December 2003, involving any estate, interest, right or power over land in the UK. SDLT applies
It is 0.25 % of the consideration of transter or market value of the shares involved as the case may be for unlisted and listed companies respectively.
Stamp duty is payable at 4% on property worth more than £500,000. Amount payable on £800,000 is £32,000. report this answer. Updated on Friday, February 03 2012
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Stamp duty is indeed payable on part exchange properties. The amount due is calculated from the value of the more expensive property. Previously, the Inland Revenue ...
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Stamp duty is a tax that is payable in a number of transactions. It applies in purchases of shares and property. The types of stamp duty also vary. There is the ...
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