Is Sucrose Ionic or Covalent?


Sucrose is covalent. The chemical formula for sucrose is Sucrose (C12 H22 O11). It is an organic compound, which is formed through the mutual sharing of electrons. Such a bond is termed as covalent, and not ionic.
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The crystals of sucrose are held together by non-covalent
So what? Water dissolves many covalent compounds (but not all) and many ionic compounds (but not all) Sucrose happens to be a fairly polar molecule, with lots of hydroxyl groups hanging
1. Determine the name of the cation in the compound, most often a metal ion. The compound's name begins with the name of the neutral metal atom. This rule applies to all cations or
I've no idea why the notion that an ionic bond involves something losing electron(s) and something gaining electron(s) is found in most texts. An ionic bond. is. the electrostatic
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