Is tap water a heterogeneous mixture?


According to Georgia Perimeter College, tap water is not heterogeneous. Heterogeneous mixtures have at least two substances, and viewers can see what is in it. Tap water is homogeneous, as homogeneous mixtures have at least two substances in them, but viewers cannot see them.

Heterogeneous mixtures look like mixtures, such as trail mix, chocolate chip cookies, spaghetti sauce and concrete. Heterogeneous matters can be separated by different physical means, such as filtering, sorting, heating, cooling, freezing, melting, settling and evaporation. Homogeneous mixtures appear to be made up of one substance, but if tested, they can be proven to be composed of more than one substance. In addition to tap water, some examples of homogeneous mixtures are salt water, sugar water, brass and cake batter.

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The flour and water are heterogenous mixture because they both can be identified individualy in the mixture.
Which of the following are heterogeneous mixtures except for tap water, granite, Whole wheat bread,
tap water.
Tap water might be a bad idea if you leave in an hard water area. The water should be soft and well filtered (via a home-purifier perhaps). 50% methanol mix is being touted as the
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To separate sand and salt, dissolve the salt in water, decant the liquid and evaporate the water to leave salt crystals. Salt and sand is a heterogeneous mixture ...
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