Is the Bilderberg Group Losing Power?


Andrew McKillop (Consultant / Author)

Web search will give you an idea of what Bilderberg could or might be seeking, but the most important fact is this group like related secretive entities including The Worldshift Network (includes Bill Gates and George Soros, Prince Philip and Bill Clinton), are losing every day.
One key target of these groups can be called 'world governance and new money', suppressing all national governments, and replacing all present moneys.

What is happening in the real world is so confused, and national sovereign debt of OECD countries like USA, Japan and major European countries is so high, any attempt to make 'the world shift' would bring about total meltdown of the global economy and quickly generate world war.
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Matt Richardson
The bilderbergers, to me, are very evil. Anytime the most powerful people in the world meet in secret, I think as a normal person, you need to take that as a reason to stand up for this country. I hope they are losing power. I imagine their agenda cannot be in our favor. AND, it's so easy to solve this problem. People need to WAKE UP and realize that powerful people with money typically don't have everyone's interests at heart. They’re good powerful people, but they always lose to the evil powerful people.
I watched a fantastic breakdown of the Bildeberg Group on Jesse Ventura's show, 'Conspiracy Theory'. You tube it, its great information. I like Jesse Ventura, and find him to be very credible. Most people think that Ventura was just a roided out wrestler... far from the truth. If people open their eyes, they will see that he was also an Independent Governor of Minnesota who created multiple surpluses and a Navy SEAL in the 60s during the War in Vietnam. And Jesse is pissed because his country has been hijacked by Nazis called 'Neo Cons” and he is fighting to get it back... I think we should all join him!
Andrew McKillop (Consultant / Author)

We maybe have a Devil - or - Deep Blue Sea choice here

Who thinks the current leadership class, like Obama, is competent or responsible ?

What groups have the power to remove the current leadership class ? Only groups like Bilderberg, Club of Madrid, WorldShift Network, Davos Forum and similar - all of these groups containing ex-leaders who, in the past, made decisions as bad as the present leadership class

So we have to hope the Old Guys learned something after quitting power and can come back in and change things

The only other potential lever of change is Arab Spring-type street revolt
Fabrizio Poli (President, EJONE Ltd)
I think they are as more & more people are becoming aware of their evil agenda,
Erik Conley (CEO and Founder, Conley Investment Group, Inc.)
What exactly is their evil agenda, anyway? I didn't get the memo.
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