Is the Black Wire Live or Neutral?


When working with electricity, the black wire is the live, or "hot," wire. The white wire is neutral, and the bare copper wire is the ground wire. Remember to always connect black wires to black wires and white to white.
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This could be a USA-coded cable. If so then black is Live, white is Neutral. and green is Earth. No, this cable cannot be used in the UK. . In the UK: Protective earth (PE or E)
Hi, yes it was quite random, however it is now a standard. The best place to look for the answers to your questions is.…. Source(s)
For starters you need to understand that electricity must flow in a circuit. In a battery, electricity flows from one terminal of the battery to the other. In a house outlet, power
Depending on who wired the
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The neutral wire is usually white, but can also be a gray wire. The black wire is the hot wire. Newer homes have a copper wire for the ground wire. ...
The purpose of a neutral wire is to return the current from the appliance back to the load centre. Basically, it will help to complete the circuit back to the ...
Generally on a 110 volt service, the white wire will be the common or neutral wire with the black wire normally being considered hot. But, remember that the power ...
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