Is the Movie the Fourth Kind Real?


No, the movie "The Fourth Kind" is not real. The supposed real footage that is in the film is simply part of the film. However, there were a few unexplained disappearances in Alaska, with nine bodies of the missing people never being found. The movie takes these disappearances and builds the idea of an alien abduction off of them.
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The film The Fourth Kind is based on actual events. The movie shows real life footage and dramatizations of the facts. The real events occurred in Nome, Alaska. For more information on the real life events, please visit this informative website: .
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It came out November 6th 2009.
Milla Jovovich plays Dr. Abbey Tyler in The Forth
"The Fourth Kind" is about alien abductions in Alaska. Its not real! Therefor the sheriff is not real!
That's what they WANT you to think. I'm pretty sure it was made-up. Source(s)….
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