Is the post office closed today?


The post office is usally closed on federal holidays and on Sunday. Saturdays are usually half days at the counter but mail goes out all day as usual. Closings are posted on the door of the post office as well as the website.
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Well the one in Lidgerwood North Dakota closes at 4:00 p.m.
Today is Columbus Day, so most federal offices are closed.
1. Call or visit the U.S. Postal Service branch office where you have the mailbox to verify that your postal fees are paid and not delinquent. Your box will remain open until rental
Cause ole George W. decided to close it. That don't bother me, but I would like a word with whoever decided to air the funeral on every freakin' TV channel there is. Come on, not
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Today is Friday, and is not a federal holiday, so mail should be delivered and post offices should be open.
For more information on post office hours and locations, enter your zipcode in the form below to find your USPS office.
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