Is the Post Office Open Today?

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Today is Wednesday, and is not a federal holiday, so mail should be delivered and post offices should be open.
For more information on post office hours and locations, enter your zipcode in the form below to find your USPS office.
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1. Go to the Post Office and pick up USPS Form 1093. Complete the form and fill in all of the necessary information. The United States Postal Service website also contains a link
The latest any post office in Indianapolis that stays open is
the US post office is open 6 days of the week, closed on Sunday and Federal holidays . with few exceptions- The New York main breach is open on Sundays for half the work day. There
The post office by SFO airport is open until midnight on weekdays. You can get things postmarked there until 8pm. From 8pm-midnight, you need to use certified mail to get a postmark
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The post office may be open today. It is open from Monday through Saturday. It is closed on all federal holidays including New Years Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Hours for each branch location may vary.
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The post office is usally closed on federal holidays and on Sunday. Saturdays are usually half days at the counter but mail goes out all day as usual. Closings ...
No. Columbus Day is considered a federal holiday, and therefore all banks, post offices, and other government offices get a day off. ...
The United States Postal Service closes for Veterans Day on November 11. The Postal Service observes all federal holidays.When the post office closes for a holiday ...
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