Is the Rusting of Iron a Physical Change?


The rusting of iron is not a physical change, but a chemical change. This is because rust is produced when iron reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere, thus producing iron oxide which we know as rust. It is also chemically proven that rust has a different chemical structure to iron, and when this happens it is considered as chemical change.
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No. Rusting is a chemical change.
An example of a chemical reaction is formation of rust (iron
because when iron turns into rust it is no longer iron it has now become iron oxide. a physical change of iron would be like melting iron or cutting it. the remaining products are
Rusting of iron is a chemical change because 1) A new substance iron oxide is formed. 2) The change is permanent; the article has got a rust layer (which may only peal off). 3) There
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Rust is a chemical change that occurs in metal. Melting ice is an example of a physical change. In a physical change, it is possible to recover the old matter. ...
A metal object rusting is a chemical change. When rusting occurs, the iron found in the metal oxidizes and combines with the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere ...
Ten examples of physical changes include melting, freezing, burning, shattering, evaporation, deflating, inflating, boiling, rusting and chopping. ...
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