Is the transportation model an example of decision making under certainty or decision making under uncertainty?


The transportation model is an example of decision making under certainty. It is an example of decision making under certainty because everything is known or fixed.
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I am sorry, but I do not understand. I think I might so here goes. The decision to make an investment into a risk, and uncertain outcome, is one of the unknown. You cannot always
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Types of Decision Making Conditions. The conditions for making decisions can be divided into two types, certainty and uncertainty. Decisions made under certainty or uncertainty are
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Term used in a situation when for each decision alternative there is only one event and therefore only one outcome for each action. For example, there is only ...
When someone is making decisions under the stresses of risk and uncertainty, they are responsible for weighing the risks if they are uncertain of the outcome. ...
Decision making models can be defined as a system of making decisions in line with making policies and solving public problems. Rational decision making models ...
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