Is There a Charity That Can Help Me Pay My Rent?


There are often times federal stimulus programs that will attempt to help you pay your rent. However you do need to qualify for them beforehand, and that may be harder than it seems.
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Job. Roommate to split the rent with you. Friends. Family. Church. Loan from a bank. In theory, the government if you meet certain income limits, but the waiting list is years long
Rent controlled housing is
You can get loans at the check cashing places but you wouldn't want to pay the exorbitant interest rates. They're ridiculous. Might as well wait until you're 21 and work at a full
I would not do this. I would not take almost half of my child's paycheck as rent if he or she were working, going to school, and just generally doing everything they ought to do.
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There are several charities that help to pay rent that is in arrears. Some of these charity groups include Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul Society, American ...
If you need help paying your rent, there are ways to seek help. You should first ask charities in your area if they offer help. If you do not know how to find ...
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