Is There a Comet in the Sky Tonight?


Comets appear as small ice balls with a tail or a coma in the sky. Their nuclei are composed of ice, rock dust ad frozen gases. There are no clear records of the most recent comet sightings in the UK and it is hard to correctly predict when the next one will be. They are more clearly visible by the help of a telescope since they are mostly not visible to the naked eyes despite the fact that they may be bigger than the sun. They also emit x-rays.
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Tonight Lulin will pass just below Saturn in the night sky.
1. Launch TheSky6, click the "Data" menu and click "Comets and Minor Planets. 2. Click on the "Comet" tab and click "Observable" under the "
The Related Link may give you some information on this although it would vary according to the time and location.
Around 10:30 pm, look northeast where the big “W” star pattern of Cassiopeia is. Comet Hartley should be just to the right of the lower couple of stars in “W.&rdquo
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