Is There a Cure for Rheumatic Fever?


There is no cure for rheumatic fever once it has developed, although medications can be used to eradicate any remaining streptococcal infection and to control some of the symptoms. Treatment consists of antibiotics, usually penicillin, bed rest, and aspirin or steroids. Aspirin may reduce fever, and relieve joint pain and swelling. Corticosteroids may be used if aspirin is inadequate.
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Rheumatic Fever Treatments
The most effective way to make sure that your child does not contract rheumatic fever is to make sure all strep bacteria are killed. In addition, doctors will treat the symptoms and control resulting inflammation. This can include any of. . . More »
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There is no cure for rheumatic fever once it has developed, although medications
Acute rheumatic fever is an inflammation that may affect many parts of the body. It can be a complication of streptococcal pharyngitis ( strep throat ), a type of bacterial infection
Rheumatic fever is a disease typically caused from strep infections. It can effect many areas of the body including joints and the heart. It can be treated with antibiotics.
1. Make certain of a correct diagnosis. Rheumatic fever is a complicated disease that can be difficult to diagnose, especially since not all physicians are in agreement about the
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