Is There a Lanford Illinois?


No, there isn't really a Landford, Illinois. The town was made up for the television series Roseanne. The show ran for 9 seasons and had a total of 222 episodes. You can find more information here:
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There is no real city in Illinois named Lanford. It's the fictional town where Roseanne lived with her TV husband Dan and their three kids. There is a real town in South Carolina named Lanford. You can find more information here:
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Lanford, Illinois is a fictional town on the show Roseanne; it doesn't
Johnny Galecki. Johnny Galecki was born in Belgium. His family moved to Oak Park, Illinois when he was three years old. Galecki was raised in Chicago. In 1992, he landed the role
It is 197 mi - about 3 hours 41 mins from Lanford,
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Lanford, Illinois is not a real town. It is a fictional town that was the home of the Connor family on the TV show Roseanne. All of the exterior shots shown on ...
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