Is there a natural way to strip hair color?


The most natural way to strip hair color is to mix vitamin C into shampoo, and use it to wash your hair. Both powder and tablet vitamin C work well for this, but tablets seem to work somewhat better. To use this method, mix one or two 1,000 milligram tablets into any ordinary shampoo. Vitamin C does not strip natural hair color like bleach does.

After adding the vitamin C to the shampoo, work it thoroughly into the hair. It is recommended to put on a plastic cap to keep the shampoo from dripping into the eyes. The hair should be checked every 5 minutes to see how much color is being removed. Only leave the shampoo and vitamin C mix in the hair for a maximum of 20 minutes. Sometimes it takes two or three treatments to completely remove hair coloring. Only do one application a day, and if more treatments are needed, do them every other day.

When using vitamin C to strip hair color, avoid adding it to anti-dandruff shampoo. This is because anti-dandruff shampoo is sometimes used to strip color out of hair. Using a combination of both is often too much and can strip natural hair color.

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