How long does it take to get from leeds bradford airport to leeds train station?


depends how your traveling Bus: you need to get on the 757 which will take you too the bus station in about 30 mins and from there you walk for about 10 mins Car :It takes about 25 mins in a car walking : i adivise you dont walk bike : about 1 hour
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Express-bus service 757 takes you from the airport to the train station in 40 minutes. The ticket is £2.50 or €3.00.…. Edit
It would take you 37 minutes from Leeds Rail Station to Leeds-Bradford Airport. Next departure will be at 1404.
BritRail offers free transport from either Heathrow or Gatwick airports to the various train stations for all pass holders. Further shuttle services are not covered by the pass.
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Leeds train station is the nearest railway station to Leeds Airport; it serves a large number of other places. The 757 bus service runs from Leeds bus and train ...
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