Is there an omen for birds flying into windows?


Some people consider it an omen of death when birds fly into a window. It is believed that if a bird flies into a closed window, a close relative will die soon. Similar superstitions involve birds that tap on windows or sit on windowsills.
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from what i understand the omen of a bird flying into a (open) window means that someone you know is close to death. this is what my older sister says and she is very educated on
A bird that hits your window will often simply fly away afterward. However, sometimes the impact can leave the bird dazed, stunned and lying on the ground. In most cases, you should
There is no information on what the omen is about a bird
1. Pull the window blinds down or close the curtains. White blinds, in particular, make it difficult for birds to see their reflections. 2. Move houseplants away from inside windows
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