Is There Any Link between Horse Coat Colour and Tempramant?


Coat colour and temperament are sometimes associated, because these are links between neural development and pigment production. The relationship between temperament and coat colour may play an important role in the domestication of different species.
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Well there are certain colors that horses cannot be, such as blue, green, purple, etc. There are also arguments over some horse colors and their terms, such as Albino. There is no
Actually alot of people are right! Everyone that said dun/buckskin are right if it has a dorsal stripe, Americans call it buckskin England call it dun. It's DEFINATLY not a palomino
The first colour that pops to mind is cremello. Then, reading he rest of the question, I think of palomino, grulla or a very light dun or buckskin. Grey would not likely be described
Give you horses/Ponies 1 egg 4 times a week, great for Palominos this will NOT bring out black hairs. You can even feed the shell. Beatroot & Pumkin as much as you wish, fresh
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