Is There Any Way to Get Scratches Out of Glass?


No, it is nearly impossible to remove scratches off of normal glass. You will probably most likel need to completely replace the glass.
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It is not possible to fix deep scratches in glass (short of replacing glass). Best thing to try is: mix one part dry mustard and one part vinegar. Mix the paste and apply, and polish
1. Do the "fingernail test" before you attempt to repair your scratched glass. Drag your fingernail across the surface with the scratch. If your nail catches on the groove
To remove scratches from glass you need to go to Walgreens. Visit their 'as seen on tv' section and look for a product they sell for removing scratches from eyeglasses.
1 Use a soft, microfiber or cotton cloth to clean the lenses. Even if it seems like a rough fabric might get off scratches, don't use a rough material such as denim.
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