Is There Formaldehyde In Maraschino Cherries?


For many years, there have been myths that maraschino cherries contain formaldehyde. The myths have stated that this chemical, which is typically used when embalming bodies, has also been used to preserve these cherries. This is simply a myth, and it has never been true. The myth began when a writer confused the preservative benzaldehyd for formaldehyde. Benzaldehyd is actually made from oil that has been extracted from the pits of walnuts, cherries, or almonds.
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Maraschino cherries are typically made from light-colored sweet cherries. The cherries are preserved in a brine solution which usually contains sulfur dioxide or alcohol. Then they
1. Dot the top of a Black Forest cake with dollops of whipped cream and place a maraschino cherry on top of each dollop. 2. Place a cherry in the center of the pineapples in pineapple
n. A cherry preserved in a syrup flavored with real or imitation maraschino.
Cherries are depitted in an automated process before they are turned into any cherry product. First, the cherries are cooled to a very low temperature so they are firm, and then a
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Maraschino cherries contain absolutely no formaldehyde in them. This myth began when a writer doing a story on the cherries got benzaldehyde confused with formaldehyde. You can find more information at
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