Is There Going to Be a Tornado Tonight?


If there is going to be a tornado tonight, you will most likely hear about it in the news on the television, radio or via the Internet. It is also highly likely that the topic will be on the tip of everybody's tongue and so it is unlikely that you wouldn't hear about it.
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Tornadoes are violent, twisting columns of air connected to the Earth and clouds. They can go as fast as 300 miles per hour, but most stay under or around 100 miles per hour.
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Tornado alley.
I am sorry I could not fin any information on where a tornado touched
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No, there has never been an F6 tornado. The highest category is level F5. This is because once a tornado hits F5 there is total destruction leaving no room for ...
California has tornadoes but they are weak. This is due to the fact that the state has dry climate thus making it less prone to the strong thunderstorms that produce ...
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