Is There Life on Jupiter?


There is no life on Jupiter because it has strong vertical air currents that could carry a molecule deep inside the planet where higher temperatures would break them down. Another problem is that it has little amounts of water and incredible amounts of violence from its atmosphere and life can not survive on such conditions.
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because Jupiter has not got water or anything that gasn grow into something that's why Jupiter has no life .
It's quite possible that primitive life may exist deep at the bottom of the ocean
Probably in the next couple of generations of dedicated probes to that moon. It will probably be in the next fifty years or so, but it will require an ability to get below the icy
Whomever states that Jupiter cannot support life has a very narrow view of what can be considered "life" The extreme temperatures and pressures from our point of view could
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Jupiter cannot support life as we know it. It does not have a solid surface, and it has strong vertical air currents that would carry someone down inside the planet ...
No, there are no forms of life on Neptune. In order for life to exist on the planet, water would need to be found in liquid form, which it is not. ...
If we where to try and live on Saturn we would have to address many problems. The atmospheric pressure is so great we would be crushed to dust by our own weight ...
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