Is there mail delivery on Columbus Day?

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Columbus Day is a Postal Holiday.
On postal holidays, the post office closes, and there is no mail delivery.
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In the US, there is no mail delivery on Sundays, or on these Government holidays: New Year's Day, January 1. Martin Luther King. Jr Day, third Monday in January. Washington's Birthday
It falls on Monday, October 13. As a federal holiday, the US Postal
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Personally, I have no problem with 5 day mail delivery, and could definetely live without Saturday delivery. While I understand, it may impact some specific industries, I honestly
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Columbus Day is observed annually on the second Monday of October. The first official federal observation of Columbus Day occurred in 1937. In 1972, New York was the first state to celebrate Columbus Day, 300 years after Christopher Columbus declared that he had discovered America.

Columbus Day is considered a loosely observed federal holiday, meaning many businesses and establishments remain open and keep regular hours. Banks, federal offices and state offices observe Columbus Day and resume normal hours on the Tuesday following the holiday.

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