Is There Mail Delivery Today?

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Today is Friday, and is not a federal holiday, so mail should be delivered and post offices should be open.
For more information on post office hours and locations, enter your zipcode in the form below to find your USPS office.
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You should have mail delivery from the United States Postal Service, unless, it is a Sunday or a Holiday. The 2011 postal holidays are as follows: 1/1/11, 1/17/11, 2/21/11, 5/30/11, 7/4/11, 9/5/11, 10/10/11, 11/11/11, 11/24/11, and 12/26/11.
There is no mail delivery today Sunday, December 9, 2012. There is only mail delivery Monday to Saturday. There is also no mail delivery on federal holidays such as Christmas, Fourth of July and Easter.
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The mail delivery process begins at your mailbox, of course. Once your envelope is sealed, addressed and has a stamp upon it, the mail carrier will pick it up, either at your doorstep
The cost to mail a letter today is 44 cents. This allows you to send a letter up to one ounce. Visit for more
My husband (the letter carrier)'s facetious answer: Because even God rested on Sunday. The actual answer: accepted past practice + it costs too much. Embed Quote
What it does is as the name implies: it delivers and receives email to/from other mail servers after getting one from a mail user agent (mua) program or receiving one from another
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There is usually no regular mail delivery or retail service on the Veterans Day. This is because Veterans Day is a postal holiday. The holiday falls on November ...
In the US, there is no mail delivery on Sundays, or on these Government holidays: New Year's Day, January 1. Martin Luther King. Jr Day, third Monday in January. ...
No, Post offices will be closed, and there will be no home delivery because most postal workers will be off for Columbus Day. ...
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