Is there such thing as santa claus?


Santa Claus is as real as you believe him to be. For as long as you believe in Santa he will be real, because Santa is like magic. Forever there if you believe.
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Santa Claus is the bearer of gifts on Christmas Eve. His elves build toys to deliver to children on his good list as a reward. He lives in the North Pole.
Everyone needs to know how to contact Santa Claus, no matter what their age. Thankfully Santa Claus has gotten on the technology bandwagon, complete with tracking devices and numerous
1. Fill an advent calendar with tiny gifts. presents image by Horticulture from Fill and advent calendar with small toys and trinkets or make an advent chain with special
1 Nail the costume. A red Santa hat, red jacket with some white fur on it, a huge black belt, some red pants with white fur on the bottoms, and a pair of big black boots is great.
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Santa Claus is as real as Heidi Montag's nose. Santa comes every year on Christmas Eve and he visits all the good boys and girls, and leaves them everything they ...
There is no such thing as a Santa Claus one dollar bill. The simple thing is that if you really want to have such a note in your pocket, all you have to do is ...
Tracking Santa Claus can be such a magical and fun thing to do for a child. There are several web sites on the internet dedicated to tracking him on Christmas ...
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