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Whether or not a sentence is correct is often of concern with writers. There are many books and websites that can help writers determine the correct grammar to ensure quality writing.
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1. Check for a subject, which is the "do-er" of the action of the verb. All sentences must have a subject, such as "I" or "you" or "the pen"
The first. These are topics. If you were listing official course titles, then you would capitalize. Also, I would insert a comma after orchestra, unless the topic is "orchestra
Subject, verb, punctuation, capittalization, complete thought.
I haven't
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Grammar lessons can be boring to many students. One way to change this and motivate the students to want to learn is through the use of various games. Although these must be fun, they should be equally challenging, highlighting a particular lesson. Of... More »
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The sentence above is not correct. To fix it you will need to not use capitalization on all of the words but is. You also will need to add a question mark to the end.
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