Is Ticket Scalping Illegal?


Ticket scalping is not prohibited by federal law in the United States. However, ticket scalping is illegal in 16 states. Enforcement is often lax, however, because scalping is a nonviolent crime in which both parties are in agreement.
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Proponents of making scalping tickets illegal argue that private citizens do not have the right that venues have to sell tickets, and that they mark up the tickets to unreasonable
It's difficult to find a good explanation of why ticket scalping is illegal.There
Not legal advice:Ticket Scalping is illegal because this makes it difficult for individuals to buy tickets without paying the markup of scalpers & other reasons
Ticket scalping is the act of purchasing tickets to a concert or event in advance and then reselling them as the date of the event approaches. For more information, look here: http:
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Ticket scalping or ticket resale laws in Texas says ticket scalping is not illegal. In Tennessee, ticket scalping is legal as long as the price you are selling ...
Ticket scalping is the act of buying tickets at normal retail price for an event and then going on to sell them yourself at a much higher price. In some countries ...
Ticket scalping involves a person or company purchasing tickets to an event. They then sell them at a higher price than if a customer had purchased them from a ...
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