Is Tony Horton Gay?


Fitness guru Tony Horton isn't gay. His direct-response advertisements are some of the most frequently aired infomercials on American television. Horton moved to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an actor and supported himself by doing stand up comedy. He began working out at World Gym in Venice, California. He wanted to avoid the bulky, body builder look, and began to focus more on exercise routines to bring about speed, flexibility, and balance, as well as muscle growth.
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Tony Horton was born December 6, 1944, making him 67 years old. Tell
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There is no information found about Tony Horton's marital status but he is said to be single. There are rumors that he is gay but he is very private about his ...
Tony Horton is approximately 5 feet and 11 inches, or 1.80 meters tall. Tony Horton is a well-known exercise instructor. ...
Tony Horton is not a triplet. He was born Anthony Sawyer and is a fitness guru. He was born July 2, 1958. ...
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