Is Too Much Yogurt Bad for You?


Too much yogurt may be bad for you if it is flavored since there is a lot of sugar added. Otherwise, plain yogurt is good for your health.
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When you see is a watery seperation in the yogurt and start to smell differently, that means the yogurt is gone bad. Yogurt is made more bacteria, so one must not eat yogurt past
1. Check the expiration date. This is not necessarily a tell-tale sign, as either opened or unopened yogurt could be spoiled or still good, especially if you have a good refrigerator
Yogurt generally isn't bad at all, unless it's expired and is then rotten.
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If you are lactose intolerant any amount of yogurt that does not have active cultures can be too much for you to handle and make you sick. Also, if you eat it ...
To my knowledge it is not unhealthy to eat a lot of yogurt. It depends on the individual person if they will see any effects from to much yogurt though. Try to ...
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