Is Vaginal Itching a Sign of Pregnancy?


Vaginal itching can be considered as an early sign of pregnancy because of the increase in vaginal discharge during this time. However, if the itching is too much, it is important to get examined by a doctor. Vaginal itching is a common symptom of yeast infections.
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1. Drink fluids. The most important step to handling bacteria-related issues in the vagina is to flush out your system. Urinating frequently can help flush out the bacteria in your
Well, I guess vaginal signs of pregnancy could be missed periods and
you just need to keep it clean everytime after going to the loo wash yourself with warm soapy water and dry yourself.
The most common reason for vaginal itching during pregnancy is changes in your vaginal PH level. Also yeast infections during pregnancy are also very common and can be the cause of
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