Is Vanilla Healthier Than Chocolate?


Both vanilla and chocolate are said to have health benefits but there have been no studies to compare the two. Some recent studies claim that dark chocolate is healthy because of the abundance of antioxidants and minerals found in coca. Vanilla on the other hand are said to contain lots of vitamin B complex as well as traces of essential minerals that the body needs. Both come from beans, chocolate from cacao beans and vanilla from vanilla beans.
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Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is better for you with the
i will say chocolate because it is so sweet and vanilla is just a bit healthy so that's why i chose chocolate.
If it is just for a topping, use the chocolate chips. The calorie difference is probably very little, anyway. Chocolate has been shown to be great food, if eaten in moderation. Skip
. Raw and unprocessed cocoa beans or cocoa powder made from raw cocoa beans which have NOT been treated with alkalis (in the. Dutch chocolate. process) are a true " healthy
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