Is VIN Deisel Gay?


Vin Diesel has been dating model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez for seven years and has a baby, Hania Riley, with her. According to the April 4, 2009, interview with Jay Leno, he blushed when asked about marriage. Vin Diesel has been asked about his sexual orientation in past interviews, but he does not answer. His position is that his sexual preference is none of the public's business.
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Vin Diesel is straight.
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Vin Diesel's real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent.
They said he was bi.
Vin Deisel is 6 foot and bisexual. , have a great day!
Dominic Toretto
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Vin Diesel has never admitted to or denied being bi-sexual. When asked he normally gets around the question, and says that its no one's business. He does have ...
Vin Diesel is not gay as he cleared up the rumors. For further information, you can visit: ...
Vin Diesel is not gay, according to most reports about the women he has dated. He's never come out and admitted he's gay, so as of right now, no sources confirm ...
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