Is VIN Diesel BI Sexual?


Whether or not Vin Diesel is bi-sexual is unknown publicly. This is due to the fact that he refuses to disclose his personal sexual preferences to the public. His exact words to an interviewer in the year 2006 were, 'I'm not going to put it out there on a magazine cover like some actors...' Therefore, though there are some speculations about whether or not he is bi-sexual or just gay, he has not openly agreed to or denied it.
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Well he has dated a lot of women including Kaya Jones and'...
Vin Diesel has been dating model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez for seven years and has a baby, Hania Riley, with her. According to the April 4, 2009, interview with Jay Leno, he blushed
every good looking male star gets " claimed" by gays ( they never " claim " the ugly ones. Nobody has ever tried to " claim Rodney Dangerfeild) but over two
Vin Diesel is a straight male. Use this
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