Is VIN Diesel Homosexual?

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Vin Diesel is straight. · More images »
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Despite the rumors that he is homosexual, with a little research you would find out that he is in fact straight and prefers to date european women. First answer by ID1263656575. Last
1. Use your hands to express yourself. As someone who "talks with his hands, Vin Diesel often uses hand gestures to emphasize his points, especially when he's particularly passionate
Multi-Facial Vin Diesel wrote, directed and starred in Multi-Facial, which beautifully showcases the full spectrum of his talents. It was this short which caught Steven Spielberg
Mark Vincent, aka Vin Diesel, twin brothers name is Paul Vincent who was the apprentice's...
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Vin Diesel has never publicly admitted to being a homosexual. He has dated several woman and has never been seen with a man romantically. The only way to know if he is gay, is to ask him.
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Vin Diesel lives in Los Angeles, California in the United States. He is an American actor, director, writer and producer and he has appeared in numerous successful ...
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