Is Vinegar a Compound or a Mixture?


Pure vinegar is a compound. The vinegar that a person buys in the grocery store is a mixture because it is watered done from its pure form. The formula for vinegar is H3CCOOH.
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Vinegar from supermarkets is a mixture of water and acetic acid, PURE acetic acid/vinegar is a compound.
1. Mix one cup of white distilled vinegar with one gallon of warm water in a bucket. Use a rag to wipe down linoleum floors with the mixture and dry them with a large towel to make
I guess you need to ask yourself, is this item made up of only one type of molecule (compound), or is it a blend of different molecules which remain un-reacted in their original state
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Vinegar is a mixture. A true mixture can be separated into its constituent parts using a mechanical or physical apparatus. These constituent parts retain their ...
Vinegar and Oil is a mixture. This is because oil and Vinegar can be physically split into pure compounds or elements while the compounds are 2 or more elements ...
A compound is when two or more elements are bound together. A mixture is when two or more elements are mixed together but not bound. A compound mixture is when ...
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