Is weed worse than cigarettes?


Oh yes, weed is definitly worse that smoking cigarettes. Have you ever seen someone get a ticket for smoking cigarettes. Weed is illigal. Smoking is a bad habit.
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Cannabis does not contain nicotine,a chemical contained in tobacco
cigarette is worse for you because cigarettes cause cancer and other diseases and weed doesn't .you hear more stories about cigarettes killing people and you hear no stories about
Not medical or legal advice: Smoking cigarettes is healthier than a weed; 20 cigarettes cause the damage of 3 joints.
At this point, especially in the US Marijuana is overall worse, but before you judge my answer understand that I am generally open to legalization. read on: Unlike cigarettes, Marijuana
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Some people say that weed is worse than cigarettes and other people say that cigarettes are worse than weed. There are not any studies that compare the two plants ...
That depends on how you look at it. Smoking marijuana has been shown not to cause cancer, however it does cause extreme laziness, so if you think laziness is ...
Weed is worse than cigarettes because most people that do weed, knowing it is a drug and illegal, will move on up to something harder after weed quits working. ...
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