Is Wells Fargo Bank open on Columbus Day?


Wells Fargo Bank is open on Columbus Day. Even so, some banking aspects, such as securing a loan, can be delayed a day.

Many banks, along with post offices and federal offices, close on Columbus Day, which always falls on the second Monday in October. Some banks keep specific branches open to assist customers. To be safe, customers need to call ahead to make sure their banks are operating under normal business hours around holiday times. It is best to plan out any withdrawals or deposits well in advance as many departments in banks observe the holiday. Fortunately, ATMs and online banking usually remain functioning.

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Well Fargo 209 E Center St. Rochester, MN 55904 P: 507-285-2953
Not financial advice: It depends on the account, but you should just need an ID and $25 to start out.
Wells Fargo may eventually open a branch in Mass, but I am sure that is several years down the road. They will probably want to establish their new foot print before they start expanding
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