Is the WWE fake or real?


WWE wrestling is a combination of real wrestling moves and choreographed stunts performed by professionally trained athletes. The stunts performed during WWE matches are often considered fake due to the fact that the stunts are expertly choreographed. This does not mean that wrestlers do not experience injuries in the ring. It simply means that WWE wrestling is designed for entertainment purposes, and the stunts and choreography moves are practiced repeatedly in order to increase safety and minimize injury.

In the early days of WWE, the most popular rumor was that the wrestlers would carry ketchup packets in their wristbands which in turn would burst open during swats and punches. The reality is that many of the injuries are staged, but the blood is actually real. Wrestlers will slice their foreheads with a small razor blade after being slammed against the ropes, which in turn creates an effect of a severely injured forehead.

There are also extremely dramatic incidents in which a wrestler will claim they are spitting up blood from an internal injury. In these cases, fake blood capsules are used to create the effect. There are also many incidents in the ring that cause legitimate scrapes, bruises, broken bones and bleeding.

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The blood and moves are real but the matches are scripted and/or
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