What happens in Isaac Asimov's "Rain, Rain, Go Away?"


Isaac Asimov's short story "Rain, Rain, Go Away" is the odd tale of a seemingly normal but reclusive family, the Sakkaros, and their morbid fear of the rain. Told from the perspective of their neighbors the Wrights, "Rain, Rain, Go Away" details an outing with the Sakkaros to the carnival. The night is cut short when a sudden downpour melts the Sakkaros family, revealing they are made out of sugar.

Although Asimov is primarily known as a science fiction writer, "Rain, Rain, Go Away" is almost entirely devoid of typical scifi elements and is better classified as a fantasy. It was based off an idea by the editor of "The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy," but ultimately appeared in the September 1959 issue of "Fantastic Universe." The surname "Sakkaros" provides an early hint to the family's true nature, pronounced exactly like the word "saccharose" which is another name for sugar. Because of this, "Rain, Rain, Go Away" can also be considered a story pun or feghoot, which Asimov had a noticeable affection towards. In this case, the phrase would be "you would think they were made of sugar and afraid they would melt," as uttered by the wife Lily Wright, according to Elements of Literature.

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I'm not 100% sure, but i think it's the thunderstorm at the carnival. Hope this helps.
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