What is isoechoic? isoechoic refers to the similarity in echos from an ultrasound. The echos show that the tissue being examined is alike. It means that an ultrasound will return echos that the surrounding tissue is similar. For example: if an ultrasound is done, isoechoic will determine if the surrounding tissue is similar to tissue being examined.
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Returning waves of normal amplitude in ultrasonography.
Answer Essentially a nodule that on scan returns an image that reflects the signal the same as an adjacent tissue structure. Makes it more difficult to "see" the desired
Ok, by breaking this down, I think I might be able to help a little. 1. it's normal sized 2. it's retroverted, meaning tipped backwards instead of forwards (go here to read more about
Isoechoic means returning waves of normal amplitude in ultrasonography. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 12:36PM EST. Source:
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