Isx EGR Delete?


There are numerous shops that will take the EGR/DPF off and reprogram the ECM to make it a non EGR system. Just remember that you are breaking all EPA rules regarding emissions. The legality may vary from state to state as they enforce the rules.
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Egr diff sensor is behind your fuel pump on the drivers side. It has two small hoses running to the bottom of it. It looks like it is inside a cage that is the best way to explain
It's purpose is to control or limit the recirculation of the exhaust gas back to the combustion chamber. As conditions for recirculating these exhaust gases are within an operational
Adding EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation to a diesel reduces the
You might want to be careful with Sinister Diesel/MKM Customs. I bought their kit off of Ebay and just went to install it last weekend, The coolant pipe wasn't bent right to lineup
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Under the exhaust manifold is where the EGR located in a 2004 Cummins ISX 435 engine. This is one part that often goes haywire on this truck. It has the faulty ...
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