It Takes 6's for a Stone to Fall to the Bottom of a Mine Shaft How Deep Is the Shaft?


The starting velocity is always 0m/s, the acceleration is 9.81m/s (as it is for all objects falling on Earth), and the time taken is 2.5s. Take down to be positive. Therefore: s = displacement, u = initial velocity, v = final velocity, a = acceleration, t = time taken. s = ut + 0.5at² s = (0 * 6) + (0.5 * 9.81 * 6²) s = 0 + 176.58 s = 176.58 The shaft is 177m deep.
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It takes 6 seconds for a stone to fall to the bottom of a mine shaft. How deep is the shaft? A) more that 200 meters B) about 60 meters C) about 120 meters D) about 180 meters.
It would take
The simplified general formula is take the number of seconds, square that number and multiply the result by 16. The solution tells you the number of feet the object fell in Earth's
D=1/2)a)t^2) so. 128m = (1/2)9.8m/s/s)t^2) solving for t we get 5.1seconds. if we take into account the speed of sound in air then it would be 5.5 seconds.
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