Italian Birthday Wishes?


In Italy, if you want to wish someone a happy birthday, you would tell them 'Tanti auguri,' which means best wishes. You can personalize it by adding 'festeggiato' to the beginning, which means birthday girl or boy. Another Italian birthday wish you could tell them would be 'Cento di questi giorni,' which wishes that person to live long enough to be able to celebrate 100 more birthdays. Nowadays, it is very common to sing the Italian version of Happy Birthday while the festeggiato is blowing out the candles on his or her birthday cake.
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Ti auguro un felice compleanno. is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Wishing you a happy birthday. Specifically, the pronoun. ti. means "informal singular) you.
The phrase 'happy birthday' in the Italian language is 'buon compleanno. One particular website online has the phrase in 161 languages, including Maori! To find more information click
Shout out your birthday wishes, post them on your favorite social network site, or send an old-fashioned birthday card. Whichever means you choose to let someone know you’re
1 When your birthday is coming on right date . 2 If you threw a party and invited family and friends . 3 When your birthday cake was there with candles . 4 Follow your next age on
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