Italian Gold?


Italy is well known for its yellow gold jewelry. You will see very few items sold that is less than 18 karats. This is usually marked by the European markage of 750. The four main districts where you can find gold jewelry products are Vicenza, Valenza, Arezzo, and Torre del Greco. Vicenza is famous for the production of watch cases and 18 karat gold. Arezzo is known for gold chain jewelry. Valenza is known for gold jewelry that has precious stones on it. Torre del Greco is famous for its semi precious stones and low relief cameos.
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1. Read the jewelry cleaner label to be sure you use the solution correctly. 2. Pour just enough jewelry cleaner into a clean bowl to cover the piece of jewelry. 3. Allow the jewelry
The numbers tell you how pure the gold is: 10K, 14K, or 24K. I can't remember the exact equivalencies now but I am sure that they are on the internet.
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The Italian word for gold is 'oro. Text !
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