Italian Wedding Toasts?


One of the most popular Italian wedding toasts is generally made by a male guest after he has had a few glasses of wine. You will hear him say, ' Evviva gli sposi,' which is translated to 'hurray for the newlyweds.' Whenever there is a stop or lull in the celebration, this is shouted in order to help renew the spirits and enthusiasm. Another popular toast is the kiss for the bride and it requires the bride and groom to stand up and show their affections for every one to see.
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It is very easy to write a wedding toast. All you need to do is say something nice about the bride and groom. You can also add some life experiences that you have shared with them.
The wedding toast can be a very special part of the reception experience, but it can also be a nerve-wracking responsibility for a bridesmaid or groomsman. Some wedding toasts are
1. Say a few words about who you are and how you know the bride or groom, what your first impression of the person was like, what you two did for fun socially, if applicable. Bringing
1 Consider to whom you are toasting. You can toast to whomever you want, of course, but if the wedding is formal or traditional, there might be some conventions you're not aware of.
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A traditional Italian wedding has a male guest who toasts the bride and groom by shouting 'Evviva gli sposi' or 'hurray for the newlyweds.' This is done generally ...
During your wedding reception there will be many toasts made. Traditionally the best man gives a short speech and makes a toast to the happy couple. Often the ...
Wedding toasts should always come from the heart. Depending on who is giving the toast, you may want to thank the people who were involved in the wedding or congratulate ...
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