Itchy Bumps All over Body?


Scabies, which is a parasitic infection, can be cause of itchy red bumps all over your body. It is a mite that burrows under your skin and causes extreme itching. The bites may appear similar to the bites of a mosquito. Hives is another condition that will cause itchy red bumps on your body. They usually are a result of an allergy to food, drugs, cat dander, pollen, seafood, nuts, and dairy products. Pityriasis rosea is another common rash among younger adults. It generally starts as a single rash that will spread throughout your body within seven to fourteen days.
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Chicken Pox. Allergies. Dermatitis. And i wouldn't itch it cause it can make it worse or scar. Try this site it should help.
thats called poison ivy. the stuff that comes out of them is liquid that spreads it even more. that is why people are told to not scratch poison ivy because it will spread. enjoy
Itchy red bumps on the skin could be the result of scabies, bed
Diabetes, leukemia, jaundice, measles, chickenpox, eczema, psoriasis and liver disease are just a few of the medical conditions with the potential to cause widespread itching. Thyroid
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